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  3. Once the night parrot's enemy, feral cats could soon be key to rare bird's survival
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The extirpation of marsupial predators and their replacement by eutherian carnivores are likely to have cascading ecological impacts on the trophic structure of arid Australia. The species show a high level of trophic connectivity; each is highly interactive, being predator or prey of numerous species across multiple phyla. The prey base of each of the predator species was broad and included vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants. Crest-tailed mulgaras consumed the most vertebrates including prey up to the size of the southern marsupial mole Notoryctes typhlops.

Kowaris consumed prey up to the size of the European rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus.

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Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In. Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Trophic ecology of marsupial predators in arid Australia following reshaping of predator assemblages Chris R Pavey. Correspondent: chris. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. Chris J Burwell. Fritz Geiser. The boys and girls who live near wolf lairs in El Salvador fly their piscuchas in the sky during the day, watching as the bright comets dance wildly in the air.

They are nine, ten, eleven, and twelve. Some of them sell pupusas and work long hours in the market to make two hundred a month. Many of their fathers spend all of this money drinking. These boys and girls live in adobe homes punctured with bullet holes from the war. They wear tattered second hand shirts and chanclas, while racing each other on rusted swing sets. They are befriended by the wolves who give them cell phones and bicycles, and pay coras for them to deliver messages to other neighborhoods.

Some of these children refuse to participate, and then the wolves become very angry and attack their friends and family. His small cab swerves between lanes before halting behind traffic.

Download e-book Legends of the Night - Predation

But who created this mess? Ellos… the politicians. No opportunities. Estos cipotes have nothing better to do. Por eso se meten a estas pendejadas. I stay silent as we pass by several blocks of decayed buildings smeared with large loopy letters. Bold colors swallow entire alleys in fuchsia pinks and electric blues. Distorted human faces and comical fonts stare back at us. Two large eyes appear several feet high with the word Mara and a signature 18 spray painted below.

The artist had chosen shades of black and grey to line the contours of the eyebrows and irises, leaving the right side in a bright hypnotic amber. International funds that were sent to create job opportunities were rumored to remain in the deep pockets of corrupt politicians.

Legends of the Night: Predation

These same government officials held large media campaigns, blaming the lack of resources on street gangs or pandillas. Drunken howls and cackles drift in from the streets as I awaken from a dead sleep. They morph into men, blood-hungry as they roam the streets tossing glass bottles into the late hours. They are far. I press my phone to my chest as the battery slowly blinks to empty. My thighs are clamped in place before another angry burst of air thrashes on the roof.

The noise causes adrenaline to spike up my legs before hastily jutting from the bed. I had seen their dark eyes glow from park benches and street corners—the precision of black irises greedily staring back at me.

The truth about magpies

At times I saw them glide off of buses, their silent footsteps a cloud of threat when walking home. On street corners, there were rumors of desaparecidos. People who have gone missing or asesinados —those who have been murdered during the night. The bus stop in front of la Universidad attracts shady figures with painted arms and necks.

Some display faces with black splotches that form a visible 18 or MS Most are hidden beneath short sleeves and cotton cloths that clamp on their skin during the hot season. Students stand idly, chatting with peers, simultaneously frayed with apprehension. Called me cerote and hijueputa.

A vapid wind bristles against a January sky in El Congo, as ravenous wolves stealthily wait alongside highway Panamericana in large trucks. Cars slow frantically when waved down by their 9-millimeter fangs. Surrounded by their attackers, the prey can choose to flee, and if lucky, the fangs will only pierce glass as their tires screech on gravel in a flurry of escape. Victims, who do not choose flight and are halted by these predators, are later known as desaparecidos. El Cuerpo has lain strewn across warm concrete since early morning.

Once the night parrot's enemy, feral cats could soon be key to rare bird's survival

Children going to school in passing chicken buses do not cry out from the clothes ripped apart by bullets. Asesinado lingers in the air, wafting along with the tortillas and panes con pollo. A woman of fifty-four shakes her head while crossing the street, her stained ruffled apron tied neatly around her waist. Just last week, her son received death threats for not paying his renta on time.

Together they sat at the small kitchen table with a list of names for coyotes who could take them up to the border and into safety. No one goes out after eight in Santa Ana. Shop owners close early and bar their doors, lest un marero come to collect r enta.

The calls start coming in from days before, telling them they know where they live, who they love, and where they work. They explain it is all very simple. Pay a monthly sum in the amount of X. Pay X or everything you love disappears. The daughter who studies in the evenings?

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She has large brown eyes, a mole on her chin, and studies in el colegio on the corner of Sexta Avenida. They give one week to pay. I stand at the edge of my bed in complete darkness—the house alarm blaring in symmetry to my chest. Are they inside?

I nearly topple over shoes trying to peer out of blinds. My mind racing to every possible outcome: They will rape us. They will kill us.